The RailStaff Awards 2024

Nominations for Health & Wellbeing Award

Riley Barnes

Said the following about Tim McCarthy:

“Tim is the senior lead training and support services manager at Three Bridges ROC.

Tim organised a wellbeing week at the end of July this year, this was a great success. It allowed hundreds of staff members learn that they can have immediate access to help from, the Railway Chaplin, TRiM services, Samaritans and mind, if they required it.

Tim masterminded the creation of a memorial garden at Three Bridges ROC which commemorated staff we had lost through the covid lockdown, whom we had not had the chance to remember. This was opened at the end of wellbeing week at a ceremony to both award staff for their achievements in the last year and to remember who we had lost, attended by many members of staff.

The wellbeing week also included a chance for employees loved ones to come and visit the ROC and use the driving simulator, without Tim's organisation and input this would not have been possible.

Tim is a beloved member of the training and support services team and in the entirety of Three Bridges ROC.“