The RailStaff Awards 2024

Nominations for Health & Wellbeing Award

Kath Martin

Said the following about Stewart Kerr Iain Perry and Steve Byrne TEAM GN:

“I would like to nominate a team effort by Stewart Kerr, Iain Perry and Steve Byrne for the past two years.

Between them they have participated in the Brighton Marathon twice, raising valuable funds for the charity MIND. Stewart and Iain in 2021 and Stewart and Steve this year.

Since Covid, Mental Health has been highlighted as a major concern. Working in an industry and job role where we unfortunately sometimes encounter those having a crisis it seemed the obvious choice. But it wasn’t all plain sailing and training. The boys had to think out of the box to raise funds to boost donations and pledges. This was in the form of Iain organising prize draws and football cards and Steve even holding a cake sale at a local station. Picking up an injury this year Iain had to pull out but he was instrumental in pushing the fund raising. Thanks to everybody’s generosity they have raised more than £3000 for the charity.“