The RailStaff Awards 2024

Nominations for Health & Wellbeing Award

Adam McCreadie

Said the following about Alex Keeler:

“Alex has been working as a wellbeing ambassador for Amey Consulting for over two years producing weekly bulletins and hosting podcast playbacks with wellbeing champions from around the industry.

Alex has also presented wellbeing and mental health topics senior management level and been involved in the development of partnerships with various mental health groups and charities to support Amey employees.

In addition to the above Alex is also a mental health first aider and takes a lot of time from her day job to check in on team members who are struggling and helps them develop strategies for a better outlook.

Following the loss of a close friend to suicide, Alex bravely talked about her experience and struggles in company wide briefings to highlight the importance of reaching out to others if things are becoming too difficult and to seek the appropriate support.

Despite her young age, Alex has a very mature outlook on life and draws on her experiences to help others through their struggles. A real benefit to the team as Alex does all of this work in addition to her role as a Design Engineer in the OLE section.“

Gary Davidson

Said the following about Alex Keeler:

“Since joining the business in September 2018 Alex has shown a passion and genuine concern for her colleagues Health Safety & Welfare (HSW). Initially setting up the OLE (Manchester) HSW forum Alex very rapidly reached out to the wider national business becoming one of the recognised Welfare Ambassadors in Consulting as well as a Mental Health First Aider.

Alex is at the forefront of our HSW initiatives / calendar regularly emailing invites, hosting podcasts. Alex talks from experience too which has helped breakdown the stigma attached. Examples of recent HSW activity are

1: Food to Boost Your Mood Podcast Listen Along

2: Welcome to Altruistic August

3: Podcast Listen Along: Caring for Carers

4: Welcome to Jump Back Up July/ Good Care Parents Month! Podcast Listen Along Poll

5: Welcome to Cervical Cancer Screening Awareness Week! Cancer Trigger Warning


7: Diabetes Awareness Podcast Listen Along

8: Welcome to Meaningful May

9: April - Stress Awareness Month

You cannot deny that Health Safety & Wellbeing is in Alex's DNA!“

Robert Shawcross

Said the following about Alex Keeler:

“I have watched Alex develop into a wonderful engineer and an admirable young lady. Alex has been a mainstay of the Manchester team giving support since the start of the Covid pandemic when people were worried about the disease and being isolated from wider society. Her weekly bulletins and podcasts have been of great comfort to many people through the railway design industry.

Alex is a Mental Health First Aider and spends a lot of personal time helping colleagues and building relationships with mental health charities. Following a very upsetting private event, Alex used the experience to champion suicide awareness and to reach out to people to give her support, especially when they think they are alone in their struggles.

The rail industry is a more humane place with people like Alex looking out for us.“

Andrew Mason

Said the following about Alex Keeler:

“As well as being a design engineer, Alex has passion for improving mental health and her attitude towards improving the life of others been exemplary for a number of years now. Alex put herself forward for Mental Health training and created a newsletter cascade which has been rolled out to the wider business reaching 600 plus people every month. Her newsletters are engaging and courage the business to get talking about a wide range of issues which clearly must take her a lot of time to prepare for. In particular Alex also runs her own podcast listen along where each month she plays a podcast and discussion group to really elevate the topics. Her passion for sharing was highlighted when a close friend committed suicide and Alex again communicated her bereavement as part of one of her listen along talks. Much of this effort was during a national crisis which makes her commitment as an advocate for health and wellbeing clearly stand apart. She is a fantastic asset to her colleagues.“