The RailStaff Awards 2024

Nominations for Health & Wellbeing Award

Darren Selman

Said the following about Milena Swieboda:

“In the past two years Milena has pulled together a comprehensive health and wellbeing programme which has been particularly important as we have navigated through the pandemic. An online wellbeing hub has been delivered which is a central repository for all information relating to health and wellbeing. In support of this, Milena has developed a team of Mental Health Supporters who are there as a first point of contact for those that need to talk. Milena has worked with the Samaritans to support our suicide prevention programme, and has run a number of health and wellbeing initiatives (such as online yoga) to support everyone across the business either virtually or directly, and the feedback for all areas has been fantastic. We have seen our health and wellbeing offering jump from a token gesture to a very rich and diverse programme, and this is down to the work that Milena has put in.“