The RailStaff Awards 2024

Nominations for Health & Wellbeing Award

Tom Foster

Said the following about Jo Boocock - **HAS LEFT**:

““Jo is our leader of our frontline maintenance team in East Midlands, which compromises of over 500 staff. Her Commitment to the rail industry is absolutely outstanding. She continuously shows passion and enthusiasm for her job as a leader and her people.

Leadership – Jo acts as a role model to us all but also to our females in the industry. She leads by example. She gets out to site and sees her staff and listens to them. She always addresses any issues they have and supports them. Jo has supported some teams through very sad times during her time in her head of maintenance role, examples being she has dealt with three losses of staff members through cancer and suicide in the space of four months. But held the teams together and the railway didn’t suffer due to the strength and support she provided to them.

Teamwork – Jo is great at effectively managing relationships and stakeholders. Our customers and train operators are so grateful for all the work Jo and her team delivers to drive a better reliable railway.

Inspiring others – Jo set up and leads women in rail in East Midlands. This involves her arranging and facilitating sessions to include our female workforce, speaking to them, supporting their personal development and spending time with them. Her commitment to engaging the next generation is phenomenal and truly inspiring. She deserves recognition for all her hard work. Jo is making a big difference to the frontline and delivering results, by driving a safer culture, driving safety forward, upskilling her workforce and attracting new diverse people.““

Darren Bilbie

Said the following about Jo Boocock - **HAS LEFT**:

““In May 2021 our frontline maintenance team (Pway) lost a dear colleague (section supervisor) to pancreatic cancer at the young age of 52. As you can imagine this shocked and upset the whole team who had the pleasure of working with Paul. As soon as Jo found out the news she range many of the team and gave us all so much care and support (she was a rock). She also arranged off site counselling for our team. In the weeks and months after, Jo kept a close eye on our team and continues to look out for the wellbeing of our team. In November 2021 Jo helped and gave us support with the Raising Awareness of Pancreatic Cancer Charity and allowed our Depot Mercia House, Derby to be lit up Purple in the colours of the charity. All of us at Loscoe Pway will never be able to thank Jo enough for her care, help and support that she has given us over the past year.““