The RailStaff Awards 2024

Nominations for Samaritans Lifesaver Award

Marc Webber

Said the following about Jay Lee & Jordan Woodhouse:

“Jordan Woodhouse and Jay Lee were on duty dispatching Avanti West Coast trains at Milton Keynes Central on the 17th January, when they were made aware of a person in distress by an off-duty Network Rail colleague on the platform.

Through careful investigation, questioning, previous experiences in their roles and use of Jordan's suicide awareness course experience they notified our colleagues at the BTP of the person in desperate need of help.

Together with the BTP they ensured that this person was safely removed from railway property.

In further detail, a Network Rail colleague reported a man who had thrown his phone into a bin on Platform 4. He was siting alone on a bench on the platform.

Jordan went over to speak to him whilst Jay went to investigate the phone that had been thrown away. The man seemed like he didn’t have any plans so we convinced him to come over to Platform 5, away from the Up Fast so we could keep an eye.

Jay did some investigating and saw the man had switched off his phone, had loads of missing calls and seemed to have a photo on his lock screen with what could be his son. He convinced Jordan to call the BTP and they turned up very quickly.

Before they arrived, Jordan was ensuring the man was ok and ensured he came back away from the edge as he strode towards a train on Platform 6 doing 125mph.

As the police arrived, they spoke to him and he shared that he was low following a loss of his business and break up in marriage. He told them he was intending on suicide. They took him to safety and we ensured that no danger came to him.

My nomination is supported by all the team at Milton Keynes who are proud to work with colleagues who used intuition, common sense and training to look after someone in distress on our railways. Their focus and compassion during this stressful incident is an example to all of us in the railway.“