The RailStaff Awards 2024

Ashley Lawley

West Midlands Trains

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Nominations for Samaritans Lifesaver Award

Andrew Parry

Said the following about Ashley Lawley:

“Ashley was working at Wolverhampton station when a customer arrived with injuries was beyond reproach. Ashley's customer care and understanding was great to see. Ashley sat with the individual whilst waiting for an ambulance to arrive. Unbeknownst to Ashley the events over the following 45 minutes were about to turn for the worst. Without warning the individual involved suffered a seizure. However, Ashley was situationally aware enough to note the time of seizure and the length it lasted. Ashley also correctly called for help and a member of Staff arrived. Ashley’s quick response to the situation lead to Ashley and the additional staff member to start conducting lifesaving CPR for over 15 minutes until relived by Paramedics. The individual was in a critical state when the Doctor and Paramedics took the decision that he was ready to be move to hospital via Air Ambulance. Ashley's calm and quick response to a live or death situation and willing to help a person in trouble enabled the Medics take the person away to hospital alive“