The RailStaff Awards 2024

Nominations for Samaritans Lifesaver Award

Laura Campbell

Said the following about Amir Aziz:

“Amir Aziz is an Area Supervisor for Thameslink and knows all too well about the risks you can be faced with on the railway, having worked in the industry for over 10 years.

We have seen Amir’s confidence in approaching and dealing with vulnerable people improve over the years. As we know it can be quite a daunting experience to intervene, but together with Suicide Prevention training given by GTR and learning to trust his instincts Amir has made several lifesaving interventions.

Earlier this year, Amir was working a night shift at the station and noticed someone shouting whilst talking on the phone. He put it down to an argument and thought it would stop soon, so didn’t approach in that moment. However, the shouting escalated and the language became quite offensive so Amir went over to the man.

Amir asked calmly if he was okay and whether he needed any help getting on the train. He didn’t want to engage at all and started swearing in Amir’s face. Before he knew it, the man was sat down on the platform dangling his legs over the edge. With young people watching on the other side of the station, Amir knew that he had to diffuse the situation somehow.

Amir called the signaller to put a caution on the line so that approaching trains were aware of what was happening. By this time, the individual had made their way onto the tracks. Remaining focused Amir kept talking to the man to try and find out what was wrong, he started crying and told Amir that his father was in hospital.

Amir told him that he knew how that must feel having been through something similar – Amir wanted to have a mutual understanding with the man so that they could be on the same level. After a short while, he let Amir take his hand and he was able to get him to a safe space. Amir kept talking and reassuring him until the British Transport Police were on the scene and could take over.

This all happened within the space of 20 minutes and Amir was dealing with the situation on his own and at night.

At GTR we are proud of Amir’s actions and the way that he handled the situation. Amir gained the man’s trust and made the call to block the line and get BTP assistance without distressing the gentleman further. His actions undoubtably saved this mans life.“