The RailStaff Awards 2024

Sheree Whetren

South Western Railway

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Nominations for Health & Wellbeing Award

Mark Reynolds

Said the following about Sheree Whetren:

“Sheree has organised various events around the station including Defibrillator sessions free of charge. These have been available for the community as well as rail staff. She has sourced various charities to take part in this also. This went down well with children and the elderly as the feedback on social media was amazing. She raised over £3,000 to get a defibrillator installed for the public at the station.

There has been Curry Nights also which was to help support the restaurant located at Swanwick station. This restaurant was struggling during covid as passenger numbers were down. Sheree recognising this, thought up a plan to provide free taster curries as well as promoting the business. This was amazing as I attended this event (on a cold winter’s night) and all the passengers were enjoying the free curry which included vegetarian and gluten free. It warmed their tummies up.

Sheree dedicates her time to anyone that needs it and is such a lovely person. She is a true community champion and is always thinking of others. She is the true meaning of Well-being as since being at Hedge End station has engaged the local community, supported their well-being with competitions for the children during lockdown, engaging the local school during lockdown and being a ray of sunshine daily at the station. My daily commute is more satisfying as Sheree has made the station look fab with the schools art work and flowers that’s she’s planted.

Sheree has since left Hedge End station but is still with the company working as an Occupational Health and Wellbeing Technician (I’m sure that’s her title). She still engages with the school and still holds all the competitions and tops up the flowers and displays. Thank you Sheree for all you have done and still doing.“