The RailStaff Awards 2024

Nominations for Samaritans Lifesaver Award

Lee Halliday

Said the following about Sarah Inverarity:

“A woman left the end of a platform at the station and proceeded to run alongside multiple live 750Vdc conductor rails towards a large yard with multiple active train movements. This woman was in immediate severe danger of electrocution or being hit by a moving train.

Sarah Inverarity was a shunter driver working in the depot on this evening, upon hearing a radio message that a member of public was on the track, she immediately pursued the woman. Sarah’s job does not require her to deal with these types of situations, therefore she has had no training that she could call upon.

It was down to Sarah being so calm in a very difficult situation that she managed to convince the woman to stop running and stop to talk to her. This action bought vital minutes for electrical isolations and movement blocks to be implemented, ensuring much less chance of serious injury should the woman have decided to run again.

Sarah eventually convinced the woman to come back to the station with her, Sarah has a very caring demeanour, and it was her actions that made the women trust her and go with her back to a position of safety.

Upon reaching the station platform the woman was vary agitated with other members of staff, so Sarah instructed them to leave her with the woman to calm her down. The woman had intended to end her life and was very afraid of men. This time was critical, and Sarah showed extreme compassion and empathy, making a bond with this woman.

Sarah could have left the woman at the station once she was safe, however she insisted on staying with the women until the British transport police arrived. Sarah stayed with the women while the BTP crisis team spoke with the woman, this without doubt helped the woman having Sarah by her side.

The woman finally agreed to go with BTP crisis team to the help she needed.

Sarah saved this woman’s life; without her quick response and calm caring nature the situation could have quickly become far worse resulting in a horrific outcome.

Sarah has received the Silver Extra Mile award accolade from Southeastern Trains for her actions and has been invited to the annual awards night to be held in November, where she will be in with a chance of receiving the gold award for her actions.

She deserves all the recognition she receives, and I fully believe she should be selected for nomination at these awards.“