The RailStaff Awards 2024

Nominations for Samaritans Lifesaver Award

Richard Godwin

Said the following about Rich Daly and Ken Bridgett:

“On 18/01/22 at a junction, Rich was part of a small group carrying out a routine track inspection. His colleague Ken Bridgett noticed the vulnerable individual hiding in the vegetation on the opposite side of the track. Ken alerted the team using his flags and the group duly moved to a position of safety (and remained there whilst he investigated further). Ken went across the track to talk to the individual and encourage him back across the track where he then alerted Rich and the team of the incident.

They approached the male and asked how he was doing, was he ok, what was he doing here? He said he was ok and just sitting here, he said he wasn’t going to do anything as a train had already passed him and was he in trouble. He told him no but he couldn't leave him there as it’s a dangerous area and wanted him to be safe. He could tell he wasn't right especially where he was and noticed a small empty bottle of spirits. He just wanted to get him away from the position he was in and try and make him feel comfortable with without any judgement. Rich and his colleague made small talk at the access point whilst notifying the police, asked him if he was local, and asked him if he worked. Talked about industry decline in the local area, talked about what they did on the railway, TV etc. After BTP arrived they wished him all the best and told him BTP would look after him“