The RailStaff Awards 2024

Nominations for Safety Person or Team Award

Julie Hamill

Said the following about Paul Allison:

“Paul Allison has worked at Quattro for fourteen years. He has led the health and safety training for five years. Across this time he has trained hundreds of people to enter the industry ready to act in times of emergency. He is passionate about what he does and goes over and above to demonstrate how important it is, both on and off-site. He is never ‘off-duty’. To him, it is a philosophy that he strives to lead and teach.

In the past eighteen months, there are two specific examples both inside and outside of work when Paul demonstrated extraordinary leadership in the role.

1. When a fellow colleague was suffering a heart attack, co-workers immediately called for Paul, who happened to be in the depot. Paul recognised the signs and leapt into action. After instructing them to dial 999, Paul moved his colleague, who was unresponsive and lying on the canteen floor, into the correct position to help open up his arteries. He kept him calm until the ambulance arrived. The paramedics indicated that Paul’s quick thinking could have saved his life. The colleague was fitted for stents the same day.

2. When out picking up food in a large supermarket, Paul noticed a customer collapse and fall unconscious. He put her into the recovery position and was then able to bring her round. The staff, who were unsure of how to help, felt relieved to follow his instructions as he pointed out what to do. After they dialled 999 he directed them to put screens around her to maintain privacy. He stayed with her and kept things calm until the ambulance arrived. Quattro staff didn't know anything about it until the Tesco customer contacted the social media pages to thank the stranger who saved her, as she remembered his Quattro badge.

Paul goes out into the field with training all over the UK to demonstrate ways of how Quattro Group staff can take care when learning about construction and its dangers. In his practice he is able to demonstrate how situations can change in seconds.

One of Paul's talents is his ability to get people to see health and safety the way he does: as not just a practice but a vital priority. People feel inspired, uplifted, and empowered after being trained by Paul. They feel a sense of alertness to watch for others' physical and mental well-being and are equipped with the skills to act appropriately if needed.

Paul is also an advocate for mental health awareness and is currently undergoing training to be able to lead yet another course within the company. He is always ready to listen and ‘check in’. He strives to keep an eye on his colleagues who may be struggling and encourages others to do so.

He is a unique individual who leads by example. Many people across the industry cite Paul Allison as ‘a lifesaver’.“