The RailStaff Awards 2024

Nicola Evans

South Western Railway

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Nominations for Health & Wellbeing Award

Daniel Moore

Said the following about Nicola Evans:

“Nicola is relatively new to the railway (GPR CUSTOMER AMBASSADOR) and is still within her first year here with SWR but the impact that she has had on staff and passengers is incredible. Since finishing her ticket office training, she is always thinking and introducing new ways to bring positivity into the stations she works at and how it will impact on the passengers. She is always positive in her manner towards everyone no matter what is unfolding around her. Here at Basingstoke ticket office the upswing in customer service voucher use to help improve passengers experience is incredible and this is due to Nicola and her positive approach. It helps improve trust and really has helped to form bonds with previously difficult passengers. What here introduction has also done is challenge some of the older clerks in the office and the noticeable positive change in their mental and physical health is incredible. She is always coming up with ideas and games to benefit colleagues and passengers, one example being the positive quote board located in Basingstoke ticket office.

For someone so new to the railway world to have had such an impact just through the power of positivity has been fantastic for all that come into contact with her.“