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Morgen Chabata

Vital Human Resourcs

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Nominations for Samaritans Lifesaver Award

Craig Gill

Said the following about Morgen Chabata:

“On the 15/09/2022 whilst working at Watford Junction Station as a Trespass and Vandalism patroller Morgen came across a female stood on the edge of the platform intent on committing suicide. Morgen acted quickly and used his MSC training to speak to the individual and persuade her to move back from the edge of the platform, Morgen instructed a colleague to call BTP who came to assist.

Very shortly after this incident Morgen came across another female who looked upset and was standing in the corner of the station near to the track with a male, Morgen could see the female was upset and went to approach her, on doing this the female ran towards the track with the intention of committing suicide. Morgen managed to once again talk to her and move her away from the edge and once again alerted his colleague to inform BTP and help him with the distressed female.

After meeting Morgen the following day at Watford Station it is clear in my mind that not only did he save 1 but he managed to save 2 very distressed females intent on committing suicide that day in a very short space of time.“