The RailStaff Awards 2024

Nominations for Samaritans Lifesaver Award

Chris Gostling

Said the following about Joel Jackson:

“Joel completed a lifesaving intervention for a suicidal young person on not only one, but two occasions within a week of each other.

On the first occasion, the person proceeded to walk onto the platform and jump down onto the tracks. Joel rushed out of the office, initially thinking she was trespassing across both open lines, but she stood frozen waiting for an oncoming train to take her life. After multiple pleading shouts for her to grab onto them to get her off the tracks, an LNER train came full speed towards the station. He repeatedly told her to grab onto their hands but she would not listen. Thankfully, she was on the wrong line as the LNER train was rapidly flying through the station. Joel urgently made a phone call to BTP Rapid Response. Joel's colleague, Jack managed to pull her up and kept her secure in the shelter and spoke with her to find out who she was and why she wanted to commit suicide. A few minutes later a car pulled up into the car park with her brother and a friend who were out looking for her. As time went on more of her family and friends were arriving at the station to try and calm her down & then BTP arrived at the station.

On the second occasion, Joel and his colleague Jack were monitoring the station cameras and a female proceeded to walk onto the platform and stood staring at the tracks on the platform edge. When she turned, they noticed it was a suicidal female who had a previous serious incident at the station a week prior. When comforting her she moved away from the platform edge and proceeded to walk towards the anti-trespass spikes that lead to the viaduct. Joel rang control straight away to get an immediate line block of both running roads. The line block was given and Joel proceeded to go through the pedestrian access gate and look for the female in the sidings whilst Jack waited for BTP to arrive. While proceeding to search the sidings for the female, Joel noticed her hiding in the brush when she spotted him, she shouted "leave me alone" and made bolt towards the viaduct. She slipped on the ballast but managed to get to her feet and continued running to the viaduct, she then slipped again hitting her leg on the rail and falling into the cess. Joel managed to gain the distance between them and attempted to refrain her. The female started to lash out but as she was injured Joel carried her for 50 meters. Once back to a position of safety, Joel informed control that all parties are safe and away from the running lines and the block can be lifted. The female’s mother arrived at the station and proceeded to inform Jack and Joel that the female had just been diagnosed with multiple mental health and anxiety issues. After much discussion on how to proceed with the best treatment for the female, BTP decide to take her back to the local mental health facility.

Since Joel began his role a trespass & vandalism patroller he has excelled in all elements of the role. This is clearly highlighted by both of these incidents and such a precarious position Joel and his colleague was in; leading to a positive outcome for all parties on both occasions.” Chris Gostling, TV Manager“