The RailStaff Awards 2024

Nominations for Samaritans Lifesaver Award

John Patten

Said the following about Carla Fearnett:

“Over the past 18 Months Carla has been involved in four Suicidal interventions

1. Talked a young male down off a bridge. BTP allowed Carla to take the lead when talking to this young male who later told BTP that Carla had just saved his life as she told him if he jumped it would hurt even though he had just taken painkillers (his words)

2. Carla also managed to intervene when another young male who tried to self-harm at a station. She managed to get a number of bladed article that he intended to use to harm himself and get him also to go with BTP to hospital for help.

3. Not long after Carla dealt with a female who had self-harmed and had a few nasty injuries to her arms. She administered first aid whilst waiting for the emergency services to arrive and take her to Hospital.

4. Carla also dealt with a distressed female at who wanted to jump in front of the next train in. Carla managed to get the female away from the platform and spent time talking with her until she was taken off to hospital for treatment.

All these incidents have happened over the past 12 months .“