The RailStaff Awards 2024

Nominations for Train Driver of the Year

Andy Harrowell

Said the following about Andy Paterson:

“Andy Paterson is a Driver Instructor, based at Selhurst. Earlier in the year, he had just finished a nine hour shift, supporting the development of a trainee, when there was a report of a fatality in the local area.

The driver involved in the incident was in shock, and unable to continue driving. Andy stayed on shift and went to relieve the driver, taking over the remainder of his shift, as well as offering him comfort and support. This kind and positive action meant that significant delays during the morning peak were avoided, ensuring that many passengers were still able to get to work.

Andy is a great role model to trainees, and other drivers at the depot. He is always willing to help out in any situation, and will put himself forward to assist the depot team and others.“