The RailStaff Awards 2020

Nominations for Rail Team of the Year

Ciara Fraser

Said the following about Team St Pancras:

“I think St Pancras should win this award because we are one of the hardest working teams on this route. I've been here for many years and in the years I've been here I've seen many people come and go but we are a very close team. Many times we have had disruption, we all work hard together as a team and support one another. We don't have to ask staff to stay behind, they automatically stay and help support the customers. Half the reason why we are the best team is down to the station manager who supports us in everything we do also. I can’t thank my staff enough for their brilliant hard work which they do on a day to day basis. #STPANCRAS #BESTTEAM“

Brinsley Gordon

Said the following about Team St Pancras:

“I would like to nominate St Pancras station team for the outstanding work they do every day. The team work very closely every day to ensure they deliver an outstanding customer service day in day out. Everyone has a passion to deliver an excellent customer service.

During disruption everyone in the team will always stay behind at the end of their shifts just so they can support each other and more importantly our customers.

The team have a very positive attitude, resilience, passion and drive to deliver the best service all the time.

With the undivided support for each other this team has gone from strength to strength.

Team St Pancras 🙂“