The RailStaff Awards 2022

Nominations for Rail Person of the Year

Glen Merryman

Said the following about Usama Abubakar:

“Usama joined GTR on a "Get into Railway's" Princes Trust programme a year ago, he was so successful that he was offered a job at London Bridge Station. The thing that make Usama so brilliant is that he now offers his time up to support fellow Prince's Trust candidates and come into each training session and talks openly about his life and his experience.

Usama has shown himself to be patient and understanding and willing to go above and beyond in order to help other young people. I believe that the programme's best day is when he comes in and talks to the young people in such an inspiring way.

His warmth and understand of the challenges that face young people and the fact that he gives his time up without being asked to help is what we believe makes his the Rail Person of the Year. He has helped over 40 young people believe in themselves, have the courage to make a difference and hold on to the fact that if they work hard GTR will invest in them.

Usama is one of the most humble people I know, a year ago he would never of stood up in a classroom and talk to a class room full of people about his life and his journey with GTR, he now comes 3 times a year and talks with such passion.

We are so proud of him and that fact they he is an ambassador for GTR and I believe that something clicks with the young people when he talks, It like they believe that the can change their lives for the better.

To go from being unemployed to being successful on a "Get in Railways" programme to helping and supporting 40 other young people make a difference is year is an outstanding achievement.

We believe that she is so worthy of this award so please vote.“