The RailStaff Awards 2020

Patryk Kurdziel

Govia Thameslink Railway

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Nominations for Rail Manager of the Year

Georgina Lane

Said the following about Patryk Kurdziel:

“I have worked alongside Patryk within GTR for some time now, firstly managing London Bridge station and currently in control. Patryk has always put his staff and customers at the heart of everything he does. He is a supportive manager and colleague who easily adapts himself to new and challenging environment.

Patryk brings a fun positive energy to the team, is attentive to detail and gets things done. He brings new ideas and a fresh approach to delivering an excellent customer experience.“

Pamela Henry

Said the following about Patryk Kurdziel:

“When Patryk started as a Manager for our team you could see that his intention was to make a difference. He is someone who genuinely cares. He made a point of telling us from day one that he was there for us, to help in any way he could whether it was a business or a personal need. Patryk made himself available anytime we needed him. He led the team through many changes and helped and arranged where additional training was required as work for an industry where change is constant. He made the work environment an enjoyable one and I can honestly say one of the best managers I have ever worked for and hope he will be recognised for it.“