The RailStaff Awards 2020

Nominations for Award for Charity

Hazel Curtis

Said the following about Danielle McGuinness:

“Danielle McGuinness is a Train Manager based at Bournemouth. Danielle was unwell at the start of this year, which turned out to be a rare virus called, Guillian-Barre syndrome, leaving her virtually paralysed, spending many months in hospital recovering. She's always stayed happy & positive, even joking when others were struggling to contain their emotion, on seeing her so poorly. Danielle has made an amazing recovery & we are so pleased to see her returning to her job as a Train Manager. Danielle is supporting our caterers with leaflets, information & charity items, to help them raise money for GAIN. Danielle has organised a Charity Race Night, sold raffle tickets, sourced prized, organised food, venue & much, much more to raise money & awareness to help others affected by Guillian-Barre. Doing all this with her usual happy, joking personality & still recovering to full fitness. Danielle is an amazing individual & an inspiration to us all at CrossCountry.“