The RailStaff Awards 2020

Anna Podolska

CrossCountry Trains

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Nominations for Depot Staff Award

Hazel Curtis

Said the following about Anna Podolska:

“Anna is one of our cleaners based at Bournemouth. Anna always remains cheerful, friendly and professional, no matter how long a day she has had or how dirty the trains have been. (11 turn around trains a day arrive at Bournemouth Mon - Fri.) Anna is often working alone and in between cleaning trains Anna also meets a high standard of cleaning in our Bournemouth Mess rooms & offices. Anna often goes above and beyond, readily doing extra cleaning, when our services, occasionally at weekends, are unable to run through to Bournemouth.

Anna is a real gem, often staff at Bournemouth have suggested, it would be nice for her services to Cross Country to be recognized by more than the Thank you, often given by myself and other colleges.“