RailStaff Awards 2019

Nominations for Rail Manager of the Year

Jenny Ericson

Said the following about Marianna Busuttil:

“I would like to nominate Marianna for Rail Manager of the Year because she has supported me through a massive career change, which could have been an extremely daunting and scary experience as I was completely new to the railway.

Marianna made me feel welcome and supported from day one and ensured I had everything I needed to embark on the trainee driver course. During my training she dealt with any queries or problems promptly and effectively, meaning I could progress smoothly through the course.

I feel Marianna goes above and beyond to support her trainees - she even contacted me in her own time the Sunday before my ICA to give me a pep talk to calm my nerves and she continued to check on my progress throughout the ICA week.

Marianna is very approachable, has a great sense of humour and really makes her trainees feel valued and supported. This is such a refreshing change from the managers I have experienced in my previous career!“

Richard Curtis

Said the following about Marianna Busuttil:

“Marianna is the most lovely manager ever she always has time for everyone and she is always happy and smiling which gives us all a lift early shifts or late. Marianna looks after the new trainee drivers and they always are saying in the mess rooms how she has helped them with not only there routes and driving instructors but also with personal stuff for getting days off. I always receive emails off Marianna about how my trainee is doing which is great feedback for me to know. I myself have needed items of equipment and Marianna will go out of her way all the time to deliver for me and all of us at Epsom she’s a lovely lady and I really hope she gets credit where needed we love her.“

Richard Marsh

Said the following about Marianna Busuttil:

“After the sudden passing of my mother whilst I was a trainee driver, Marianna was absolutely instrumental in keeping me at the company. She went far above her role and far above most humans to make sure I was supported and had everything I needed to get back to work, she would spend her own time to sit with me whilst I spoke about my mother and I never ever felt it was forced or an inconvenience. Those few months were the best piece of management and kindest act of humanity I’ve ever personally had.

I have now qualified as a train driver and Marianna still asks how I’m doing, and always answers any questions that I have. I would not be a train driver if it wasn’t for her.“