The RailStaff Awards 2019

Nominations for Graduate of the Year

Harriet Sergent

Said the following about Constantine Collias:

“Constantine is a hard-working, talented and driven individual who makes a huge difference to his workplace and the people he works with through his positive attitude and willingness to help others.

His work on the Paddington Stressing project involved raising critical rail temperatures to 58c giving us more resilience in the summer. This having been the hottest summer on record, it was a very important project for performance at this critical station. Better performance in hot weather here, can and will make a difference to millions of journeys and the reputation of Network Rail.

Taking on the job himself, Constantine built his knowledge up through independent learning and working closely with the teams throughout the project.

As a result, this is the first year for four years that we have not have to put a speed restriction on at Paddington throat.“