RailStaff Awards 2019



Through research, standards, analysis and insight, RSSB supports our members and stakeholders in driving improvements in health & wellbeing and delivering a safer, more efficient and sustainable rail system.




CIRAS, the confidential incident reporting and analysis system, operating since 1996 and today delivering assurance for member organisations across the UK.

We offer a corporate safety net that ensures safety, health or other concerns are captured internally and with CIRAS help, investigated to a successful and satisfactory conclusion. We expertly facilitate a resolution. For members staff, we offer an alternative independent confidential reporting line, that staff can speak with us knowing their identify will never be shared.




When RISQ Group was created, the vision was simple: build the best employment screening and verification offering in the APAC region. The team identified a need in the market for a better kind of screening and verification offering and brought together an elite group of people and companies under a single brand with a single mission. In June 2016, we became part of the Sterling Talent Solutions family, amplifying our existing strengths and empowering us with the resources and efficiencies of one of the world’s leading employment screening and verification companies.