The RailStaff Awards 2024

Julie Hamill

Said the following about Bob Browning:

“After twenty years in the rail industry, Bob Browning has led some significant and positive changes to take action against climate change, both individually and corporately.

In a career spanning from Network Rail to Head of Corporate Strategy for the Quattro Group, Bob has gone over and above to act upon environmental issues, and, although they say individuals can’t make a difference, Bob began his crusade by taking a radical stand and refusing to take internal flights for ten years.

Bob came into Quattro eight years ago as a strong believer that the company must take accountability and act upon climate change crisis. As an advocate for cleaner energy he set upon finding new and innovate ways to ensure Quattro is at the forefront of sustainability.

Bob’s work has revolutionised Quattro by influencing radical and visionary changes:

- Corporate accountability to deliver beyond plans and promises:

Bob reshaped Quattro’s environmental perspective by signing the company to deliver Science Based Target Initiatives (SBTi). This is a commitment path to drive sustainable growth by setting ambitious, science-based emissions reduction targets.

Science-based targets provide a clearly-defined pathway for companies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, helping prevent the worst impacts of climate change and future-proof business growth. Quattro’s targets are considered ‘science-based’ if they are in line with what the latest climate science meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement – limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Bob developed the company targets and signed Quattro as the first rail plant company in the SBTi. Thanks to Bob, Quattro’s targets will be continuously monitored and reported externally, moving beyond internal corporate promises.

- From diesel to electric in multiple vehicles:

Bob began investigation into Quattro company practice with a view to (initially) halving carbon emissions. After an introduction to The Exeter University Centre for Clean Mobility, Quattro and Exeter Uni agreed to work together on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, to design a new clean powertrain for road rail vehicles.

- A brand new R&D depot for sustainability

Overseen by Bob, Quattro opened a specialist research and development depot in Liverton where engineering, technology and practical knowledge could be exchanged with engineers from Exeter University for the Knowledge Transfer Partnership. The team set to work to develop of a hybrid prototype RRV for MEWPs and gators.

- Forget hybrid, straight to award-winning net-zero results

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership was so successful, the technology surpassed the hybrid goal straight into electrification, and thus eliminated all carbon emissions to net zero. It was awarded an ‘outstanding’ by Innovate UK.

- A vast reduction in Quattro’s landfill waste:

Bob has overseen a new contract in waste disposal that has reduced Quattro’s landfill waste from approx. 9% to just 2%, and is working to reduce it further.

- Quattro electric machines at British Science Festival

Quattro’s work caught the eye of British scientists, and an example of the vehicle work was exhibited and demonstrated at the British Science Festival, in September 2023.

Bob has ensured that Quattro is responsible for owning and delivering specific, measured and - most importantly - externally monitored goals that will drastically reduce the company’s negative impact on the planet. Now with electric RRVs and construction vehicles, an ‘Outstanding’ Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Exeter University, an external and accountable commitment to Science Based Targets initiative, a huge reduction in Quattro’s landfill waste to 2%, the opening of a specialist R&D depot with sole focus on the advancement of zero-emission vehicles and a leading interest from the British Science Festival, Bob has ensured that Quattro has a warranted sustainability charter that will rightfully lead the company to a net-zero future. He has delivered over and above what he set out to do. Bob Browning is an extraordinary and resourceful leader with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. He is a climate champion.“

Taskeen Ahmed

Said the following about Bob Browning:

“Bob Browning's passion and strategy is rooted in simple logic, not just to half emissions, but to eliminate them, and this has already started in Quattro. He has spent years collecting knowledge and collaborating with climate experts, scientists, engineers and researchers to lead Quattro to the greenest possible working solutions. Now Quattro has net-zero machines developed with Exeter University and accountable company science based targets. Bob is a natural, approachable and impressive educator who works to disseminate complicated global climate information and transform it into practical, everyday working solutions that can be easily understood. Bob isn't changing the game for the rail industry, he's writing a new one for the environment.“