The RailStaff Awards 2024


With an unrivalled fleet of modern and varied equipment, Quattro Group provides a reliable nationwide solution for plant needs to a variety of sectors including rail, construction and transport

As a leading contractor within the rail market, Quattro Group enjoys a strong relationship with Network Rail and works closely with teams across the UK to help deliver a safe and efficient network for passengers. 

These strong relationships are built on Quattro Group’s core principles of safety, reliability and collaboration, with a firm belief that in order for an organisation to thrive, it is vital to invest in both plant and people.

Quattro Group is proud of a thorough 'Investment in People' strategy, providing a leading industry training scheme through the Quattro Occupational Training Academy (QOTA). QOTA is a state-of-the-art training facility offering comprehensive training to every operator.  This helps guarantee that every Quattro Group operator is fully compliant with all industry legislation – from first aid to safe on-road driving skills. 

It’s not only Quattro Group’s 850 operators that undergo significant investment. The fleet management team understand that as customer’s needs change and evolve, the substantial Quattro Group fleet must also continue to evolve too. The entire fleet is under continual review and enhancement to guarantee that the plant on site is always exceeding the needs of our customer.