The RailStaff Awards 2024

Since 1878 we have worked with people, organisations and economies to help them identify and develop the skills they need to thrive. We understand the life changing link between skills development, social mobility, prosperity and success. Everything we do is focused on developing and delivering high-quality training, qualifications, assessments and credentials that lead to jobs and meet the changing needs of industry.

In the rail sector we do this through our NSA Accredited Intertrain Business and largest railway and assessment provider in the UK, delivering industry-wide standards for technical, behavioural and commercial skills to improve performance and productivity. As a Royal Chartered Institute and a registered charity, everything we do is charitable. We invest in expanding and enhancing our solutions across all of our brands, to meet the changing needs of organisations and industries. Through our City & Guilds Foundation we amplify our purpose by focusing on high impact social investment, recognition and advocacy programmes which remove barriers to getting a job, celebrate best practice on the job and advocate for jobs of the future.