The RailStaff Awards 2023

Angela Inglis

Said the following about Works Delivery Track Scotland:

“I would like to nominate the Works Delivery Track Scotland team because in my eyes they are a great example of leadership, management and teamwork working together to deliver a consistently high standard of work. From the office staff and management team to the frontline workers out on the ground, they work tirelessly week in week out to maintain high standards of delivery and safety, but what stands out most is that they actually care about what they do and that’s the big difference that makes a difference. Each and every one will go out of their way to help each other out, working tirelessly to create a safer railway environment, often putting work before family and going above and beyond to get the job done, with sometimes the commendable efforts of each individual going unnoticed.

A dynamic, highly skilled selfless bunch of personalities comprising of 140 staff throughout 6 locations ranging from operatives, technicians, team leaders, supervisors, project engineers and works delivery managers, responsible for delivering large volumes of refurbishment and renewal works across Scotland’s route. Second to none at adapting to changes and new requirements, sometimes with unrealistic timeframes but they are always ready to step up and deliver. The team pride themselves on their safety and stand by our mantra of ‘everyone home safe every day’.

There is a spirit of continuous improvement breeding within the team and we are constantly looking at new ideas with a desire to become better and safer every day.

I believe this team deserve this award due to the way they consistently maintain a high standard of delivery and professionalism despite trying times and possible disruption and reorganisation, when others would possibly just give up.

It’s very difficult to summarise just how deserving this team are of this award, and my lack of railway knowledge may not do them justice but here’s hoping… One big family working to make a difference on today’s railway, and one I’m proud to be part of.

Good luck team – you deserve it!“