The RailStaff Awards 2023

Douglas Craig

Said the following about Works Delivery Track Scotland:

“Works Delivery Track (WDT) carry out refurbishment work across the entire Scotland Route. The workbank includes repadding, rerailing, full resleepering, plain line reballasting, S&C refurbishment, level crossing renewals and small-scale track renewals. This work is to enable a safe and reliable timetable for passengers and freight users.

Each year WDT have taken on more complex work on a larger scale. These projects are typically delivered in areas of lower track lower category; rural lines that traditionally would not fall within Network Rail renewals policy and subsequently are reliant on maintenance to maintain services. As such, WDT are often presented with sites that contain aged components with a multitude of defects, track geometry issues and are close to the imposition of speed restrictions and subsequent train service delays. Working within the constraints of refurbishment, unable to renew all components, WDT must propose and deliver the best engineering solution whilst balancing budget, time, sustainability and minimising the requirements for future maintenance interventions. The work delivered on these secondary and rural routes must solve the geometry issues and be robust enough to last 10-15 years. The reduction in the number of intervention level faults on the track asset, as a result of these installations, reduces the volume of scheduled tasks within local Maintenance Delivery Units and allows them to focus their efforts on more critical routes.

WDT delivered 18/19 with zero lost time accidents. This trend has continued in to CP6, enabling the team to boast a LTIFR of zero. Workforce safety has been at the forefront of decision making, and the introduction of the EyesOnSafety initiative, led by the front line, has improved site hazard perception, resulting in appropriate controls being implemented to ensure safe delivery. As WDT embed this culture, focus is also on putting passengers first, ensuring roles and responsibilities are understood, engineering work is delivered right first time and handback checks are robust allowing the track to be handed back on time and fault-free.

There is a spirit of continuous improvement breeding within WDT, with teams constantly looking at new ideas with a desire to become better every day. This includes ongoing engagement with Works Delivery colleagues in other Routes, understanding different methods of working and implementing new ways of working. WDT have a number of strong relationships with key subcontractors within the supply chain, who are also encouraged to put forward any thoughts on improvements.

There is no doubt that WDT would be deserving of the RailStaff “Infrastructure Team” award, with such recognition providing another motivational boost to carry on delivering safely, always improving.“