The RailStaff Awards 2023

Mark Coleman

Said the following about Wales Earthworks Examinations:

“Being part of a SME means having to wear many hats. David has lead the GeoAccess Earthworks team through its 1st year on a 4 year framework contract to deliver the project with unprecedented success. Historically annual Earthwork Examination programmes run from October to April and have a number of blockers that extend the programme well into the summer months causing compliance issues. Usually around 10-15% of the programme. Blockers range from vegetation clearance, rope access, possessions and isolations.

The team lead by David took a different approach, and with collaboration with the Network Rail Wales route RAM Geotech team, the team developed a comprehensive desk study drawing on decades of experience resulting in a proactive enabling works list. Throughout the season the GeoAccess and Network Rail teams worked collaboratively to solve issues that arose. Blockers were tackled from day 1 of the programme at an overall neutral cost to the client compared to previous years but with the added benefit of 3491 of the 3500 sites completed before the end of the financial year with none of them out of compliance. The 9no sites that rolled over only occurred because of a cancelled possession and these were completed within 2no further weeks. Never in 15 years of Earthwork Examinations had this been achieved throughout any route in the country! And to do it as a small team on their 1st year of the framework while also dealing with Covid and the many logistical working challenges that bought is an achievement to be proud of.“