The RailStaff Awards 2023

Paul Mohan

Said the following about Murphy Emergency Response Team:

“24 /7 on call emergency civils infrastructure team who respond to Network Rail (LNE Route) emergency remits for structures, earthworks and drainage. This team have "Passengers First" as part of their DNA and work tirelessly to re-open railway lines as soon as possible. Recent examples include Parton in Cumbria whereby the landslip was removed and the area made safe within 8 hours of call. Working collaboratively with Network Rail and our designers a permanent solution has been built using innovation techniques in record timescales. Other recent examples including demolishing an unstable retaining wall adjacent to the West Coast Mainline that prevented trains running into Euston Station. Over the past 5 years this team have become exceptionally efficient mobilising plant and equipment to minimise disruption to the travelling public.“