The RailStaff Awards 2023

Sue Whittall-**LEFT COMPANY**

Said the following about Lundy Projects WCML Project Delivery Team:

“Lundy Projects West-Coast Mainline (WCML) Delivery Team led by Project Manager Andrew Hyman supported by a Civils Designer, Construction Manager and supported by site supervisors and safety critical staff in total this small team of 6 people through working collaboratively and proactively ensured a successful delivery of various locations between Warrington and Preston including working throughout Christmas 2021.

Lundy Projects were engaged by our client VolkerRail to renew existing signal gantries on the WCML between Warrington and Preston that had been identified by Network Rail as being not fit for purpose and in need of immediate replacement. Lundy Projects managed the design, fabrication and installation of the signal gantries in a controlled manner by way of an enhanced PACE style programme.

The Lundy Projects team’s streamlined delivery approach enabled for a collaborative working environment alongside our client and Network Rail to ensure that all deliverables were met to the fast-tracked programme and on occasions we were able to enhance even further by using valued engineering techniques utilization of adjacent land and lifting with road cranes instead of rail cranes to mitigate risk and interface with other disciplines.

The successful of this scheme meant that trains running on the WCML were not delayed and as a result there was no requirement for Train Speed Restrictions enforcements. Lundy Projects worked collaboratively with a multi-disciplinary team together with Network Rail and VolkerRail including signaling, OHLE, Pway, E&P, designers to collectively agree on designs that allowed the new structures to be installed prior to the old structures being recovered.

Fabrication of the new gantries and legs were carried out in house by Lundy Projects under a “fast-track” programme to meet the agreed programme install dates. The sub structures are a mixture of piles and concrete foundations the latter were produced by a collaborative working relationship with Craven Concrete again against a very tight programme ensuring full concrete strengths were met before any loadings of super structure.

This way of working proves that collaboration, can do attitude, positivity results in a safe accident free delivery, on time to budget scheme which allows for valued engineering and innovation to be encouraged and developed.

Testimony from Kevin Newbatt – Snr PM NetworkRail – LNW North


Dear All,

Thanks for your support, commitment and tenacity is delivering this commissioning in which everyone played their part; both for the commissioning that thankfully went smoothly and the hard trodden path in getting us all here.

As a group, working in collaboration, supporting each other when times seemed overwhelming, we overcame and succeeded, rectifying existing embankment deficiencies a breakneck speed safely, effectively whilst implementing a robust assurance process.

Whilst some may say it was merely a gantry replacement, don’t underestimate the importance of renewing a severely degraded asset in a strategic location on the WCML, improving both the safety and reliability of our railway more so reducing performance risks and maintainer burden.

To put things in perspective, we awarded a contract at the end December 20 and delivered a commissioning Early May 21, that is a 4 month design and build programme, and more so assure the integrity of the structure.

You should all be proud of this achievement that I believe has made us all stronger as joint project team; long may that continue.

A huge personal thank you from me! Well done to all those involved.

Please share this with your teams, especially the site staff at the sharp end of delivery who may not always get this type of correspondence.

Kevin Newbatt : Senior Project Manager LNW North“