The RailStaff Awards 2023

Joanne Hacking

Carlisle Support Services

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Nominations for Station Staff Award

Derek Allison

Said the following about Joanne Hacking:

“Late last year the station cleaner at Wigan North Weston Station, Joanne Hacking, found a very distressed elderly lady in the female toilets.

Suffering with dementia and covered in bruises Joanne found the the poor lady had soiled herself and was washing her clothes in the sink basin.

Without thinking Joanne got the lady settled, cleaned her up and went down the high street and bought her some new clothes from the charity shop.

Her Avanti West Coast colleagues informed BTP and the Ambulance Service who managed to locate her family and give her further outstanding care.

The team at Wigan North Western alongside Joanne not only manages to get this lady home to her family but managed to to it with decency.“