The RailStaff Awards 2022

Nominations for Rail Person of the Year

Jamie Howells

Said the following about Shuchi Jain:

““Shuchi is one of those people who has ‘it’, the X-factor if you like. Shuchi joined Poise over a year ago and has made an outstanding overall contribution in that short time. Firstly, she is a first-class human being with a lovely outlook on life and as such people enjoy working with her including people within Poise, our Clients and our Suppliers. Shuchi comes in to work every day with a spring in her step and quite simply gets work delivered with the very minimum of fuss whilst enjoying her work. Further to that she inspires those around her with her professional, energetic, positive and fun attitude.

Shuchi is a consummate professional in all respects i.e. in attitude, behaviour, presentation and application. She engages in dialogue with colleagues and clients at all levels in the appropriate manner. Her technical knowledge is first rate. She is constantly providing technical advice and guidance to the younger engineers in the team. She can critically analyse and challenge work scopes from a technical perspective. Even if she is unaware of any technical detail, she researches the necessary standards to ameliorate her technical knowledge.

Shuchi has a first-rate attitude to the quality of her output, the output of her team and the output of her colleagues. Shuchi is not content to just get work ‘out of the door, as it looks okay’, she wants and demands that it be correct to the highest of standards. This is a wonderful ability and attitude to have in any company in any industry.

Shuchi successfully leads our large design team, including engineers from other disciplines. She has successfully completed three complex multi-disciplinary rail projects in the time she has been here. Our clients for those jobs are very satisfied.

Shuchi has also added to and improved our quality management systems within Poise which has demonstrated her self-starter and proactive attitude. Furthermore, Shuchi has also spent a significant amount of time mentoring the younger engineers in the office, a few of which are female engineers. It has given me much pride in seeing Shuchi doing this as this is a matter that I feel strongly about.

Shuchi has and is continuing to demonstrate that women can have a wonderful career in Engineering, can break into and impact this all too male dominated industry, whilst enjoying the work. She is a credit to her profession and a shining light to her peers, especially women. This is clearly reflected in the cross-industry recognition that Shuchi has received in the past few years, some examples include:

• Winner of ‘Engineer of the Year’ at Women in Construction Awards, UK, 2017

• Winner of ‘Best Woman Rail Engineer’ at European Women in Construction and Engineering (WICE) Awards, 2016

• Shortlisted for ‘IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year’, 2017 (Results awaited)

• Chosen as the ‘Future Leader of Industry’ by the New Civil Engineer (NCE) magazine

• Selected as one of four women engineers from the UK by IET as keynote speaker on Women in Engineering at Queen’s University, Belfast, Ireland

• Nominated for Telegraph’s ‘UK Top 50 Women in Engineering Under 35’

• Featured Expert in Arcadis’ ‘Expert Profile Handbook’

Her personality, character and will to succeed are a shining example to anyone and I would strongly recommend her for ‘Rail Person of the Year’ Award.“