The RailStaff Awards 2022

Scott Wild

CrossCountry Trains

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Nominations for Rail Person of the Year

Sophie Wild

Said the following about Scott Wild:

“Scott has worked in the railway for 27 years and during his reign has only ever had 2 days off sick.

Having colour blindness means he has not been able to progress much within the industry since first starting however he doesn’t allow this to stop him. Scott goes above and beyond his call of duty as a retail service manager, turning his hand to any task required of him; he is the coach for Edinburgh, he trains the new recruits during their initial few weeks of training, he is the point of call for anyone with issues or who needs items of kit updated, and he goes about all these tasks with a smile and without a fuss, nothing is too much.

Scott has updated many procedures; making things more streamlined; he has created instructional and informative handouts for new starts detailing everything they may need to know. The main one being contact numbers and door codes for our depots as there are so many to remember.

He has also undertaken tasks within the service centre when required, and more recently following a retirement he has taken on the demanding task of Team organiser. Here he has to keep on top of the entire depots paperwork, as well as organising diaries, making orders and ensuring everything and everyone runs without a hitch. The entire depot rely on him to keep things going. I believe Scott is a worthy winner of this award as he works truly hard and he really doesn’t get the praise that he is very much due. Everything Scott does is to improve what both he and his colleagues do every day, and nobody knows it but the depot would come to a complete halt if it weren’t for him stepping in the breach whenever required.“