The RailStaff Awards 2022

Nominations for Apprentice of the Year

Wendy Anderton

Said the following about Ross Miller:

“Ross joined a pre-apprenticeship programme with Real Skills Training Ltd in June 2014, a programme designed to provide him with the opportunity to recognise his own skills and abilities to pursue an apprenticeship in order to take up a career in the rail industry, giving him the chance to develop his work ethic, time keeping and further improving his literacy and numeracy, while also recognising the discipline that was required in a rail working environment.

Ross completed this programme and progressed to an Intermediate Apprenticeship in Rail Infrastructure in February 2015 and overcoming various life changing situations in his personal life during this time he went on to complete his apprenticeship in May 2016 and is employed by GBR Solutions in Track Maintenance. Having shown a very strong personality and keen leadership skills right from the time he joined Real Skills Training Ltd he now leads his own maintenance gang on the jobs that he does on the Rail.

Having identified that a career on the Rail is what he wanted his enrolment onto his apprenticeship gave him the opportunity to not only focus on his own training but to be able to mentor other classmates and younger learners just enrolling on the pre-apprenticeship programme, sharing his skills and knowledge to help them progress through their training to achieve an apprenticeship themselves.

Ross is still in touch with us today and often pops into our offices, he remains in touch with many of his colleagues from the training and often provides them with news of job opportunities that he has become aware of in his job.

During his time with Real Skills Training Ltd Ross was very enthusiastic and his strong personality has helped him focus on his desire to achieve a career in the rail industry, we wish him luck with this nomination for Railstaff Apprentice of the Year.“