The RailStaff Awards 2022

Nigel Bowles

Southeastern Railway

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Nominations for Rail Person of the Year

Jemma Marchant

Said the following about Nigel Bowles:

“I would like to nominate Nigel Bowels for his outstanding work over his 10 years in Railway Enforcement. Nigel consistently delivers excellent customer service and is always ready to lend a hand no matter what is going on at any station. He actively works closely with BTP, Kent police, land sheriffs and Network Rail to ensure our stations are as safe as possible. He has consistently put the company’s needs above his own, cancelling annual leave, working rest days and staying late to help wherever he can. Passengers and staff are always thanking Nigel for his assistance and hard work; even those more difficult customers go away thanking him. I feel this is a man always goes above and beyond the call of duty. BTP and Kent police in particular are always grateful for the intelligence he submits. Recently he was able to spot a male who was wanted for sexual assault on the train only days previous, this male he managed to not only keep talking until the police could arrive but obtained vital evidence in order to enable them to arrest the male and continue their investigation further. He is extremely versatile in his role from helping suicidal persons at stations, helping runaways, assisting in arrests, reporting people wanted by the police, reporting and damage or faults, working with network rail to ensure the railways are kept safe, assisting passengers with ticketing issues and issuing penalty fares or court reports where needed to helping with suitcases. He also goes out of his way to make new members of staff feel welcome and offer them his help whenever they may need it. Nigel does not treat anyone with anything but respect and therefore effectively deals with our most challenging passengers in a direct but empathetic manner. In the 10 years of working for Southeastern he has not faltered in his outstanding work in keeping our network safe, I expect him to continue the same as his career continues.“