The RailStaff Awards 2022

James Kowalik

Real Skills Training

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Andrew Patterson

Said the following about James Kowalik:

“James Kowalik is an extremely well known trainer and much respected employee of Real Skills Training Ltd that is based in the North West of England but he has done training right across the country.

During my time at Real Skills I have never had one piece of negative feedback in regards to the trainer, quite the opposite he regularly gets outstanding written feedback from every course to praise him for his teaching techniques, knowledge and personality.

He has trained a large number of candidates throughout his 30+ years within the industry as a safety critical trainer/track worker. He will always go the extra mile to make people feel welcome no matter their background.

I feel he more than deserves some recognition for time served as a safety critical trainer let alone the effort he puts into each course to make all receive the best experience they can get to make all feel valued.“