The RailStaff Awards 2022

Dee McDermott

Real Skills Training Ltd

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Nominations for Rail Manager of the Year

Andrew Patterson

Said the following about Dee McDermott:

“Since joining Real Skills back in 2014 Dee McDermott has worked tirelessly to help promote the business and subsequently Real Skills Training has progressed exponentially since she arrived, considerably raising its profile in the Rail industry. Professionalism and safety are key factor she promotes throughout the organisation, whilst still finding time to help every learner we have.

Dee is well respected by staff, learners and external colleagues alike and her knowledge and dedication to the future recruitment into the Rail industry shows in every facet of her work. Whether it is staying until 9pm to make sure a learner has a place to stay or coming in at 6am to ensure learners can come in early to have a cup of tea and not wait outside in the cold. Dee always has time for everybody within the organisation no matter how small you may think the issue is, this is testament to the person she is.

‘Dynamic leadership by Dee is what drives the business and is evident throughout all areas of the business’ was highlighted in a recent Matrix accreditation assessment. Growth of the business is key to the continued success of Real Skills and Dee has secured a number of subcontract agreements with larger providers to ensure that Real Skills are able to offer more progression opportunities to all the young people that wish to take up a Rail career.

I believe Dee is truly deserving of this award for everything she has done for each member of her team and the tireless effort she puts in to find each apprentice we have find work and start a career within the Rail industry, and providing valuable information and advice about progression in the industry.“