The RailStaff Awards 2022

Dale Lowe

Great Western Railway

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Nominations for Samaritans Lifesaver Award

Wayne Parker

Said the following about Dale Lowe:

“Revenue Protection Inspector Dale Lowe, dealt with a suicidal 17-year-old young person on platform 3. This young person had been bullied into taking a large quantity of drugs from Cornwall to Wales. On this day Dale acted with both haste and empathy and without doubt the professionalism Dale showed on that day saved this young person’s life.

A security guard walked pass a passenger on platform 3 on observed a young person acting suspicious. The security guard approached Revenue Protection Inspector, Dale Lowe. Dale approached the young person who was 17 years old. Conscious of a train arriving into a busy platform, where the young person was standing Dale needed to engage with him to move away from the platform edge for his own safety. Dale could see the young person was very upset and angry. Whilst listening and building rapport with the young person Dale was able to engage with him and get him to a safe place away from the approaching train.

Noticing the young person was in a lot of distress and seemed mentally unstable. The young person said he had had enough and was going to kill himself. The male had texted his mum and informed her he was going to end his life, and immediately switched his mobile phone off. Dale believed the young person was serious about wanting to end his life. Dale had attended a Samaritan’s suicide course, and previously worked as a Prison Officer looking after young offenders and then working as P.E teacher in a Secure Unit for youths. Dale had to pull on his training and experiences to ensure the male engaged with Dale.

The young person had travelled from Cornwall and was on his way to Wales to drop the drugs off. Dale said there was enough Cannabis to fill a large carrier bag, there was also a knife and various other drugs in three different bags.

The young person said he had been doing this since he was 12 years old, and just believed there was no other way but to end his life.

That day he had been held at knife point to transport drugs, been beat up and told he would be killed if he did not transport the drugs. Also, on the previous day the young person’s mum was forced to take £4000 from her bank account and give it the criminal gang who had forced him to take the drugs.

The young person said that he had just text his Mum goodbye and had switched his mobile phone off. Dale said the young person kept switching from being angry to being very upset. For nearly one-hour Dale listened and let the young person share his feelings and frustrations before he was able to convince the young person to talk to British Transport Police.

British Transport Police attended and asked Dale to accompany the young person as he had built a relationship with him.

Undoubtable Dale’s actions on this day saved this young person’s life and he demonstrated skills that sit outside of his job role and now hopefully this Young Person can rebuild his life“