The RailStaff Awards 2021

Kath Martin

Said the following about Rail Enforcement, Great Northern & Thameslink:

“I would like to mention and take the time to nominate the GN and Thameslink Rail Enforcement Teams.

The teams consistently strive at meeting and exceeding our company values and even more so this year in what has been an unprecedented time.

They actively challenge and deal with unacceptable behaviour affecting our passengers and staff. Even during lock-down they have shown resilience and professionalism in dealing with persons and situations.

They have and are highlighting safety and security issues across the route. This is proven by the impact the teams work has had on NRPS with personal Safety at Stations and on board showing a significant increase in confidence on both routes.

The customers whole experience and satisfaction whilst on the network is always of importance. This has been highlighted and focused on with targeted patrols to stations and areas. Recent partnership working with Police has enabled Crime Prevention and Awareness events at stations focusing on Vehicle Crime and Cycle Theft. Engagement with homeless persons that use the rail network has also been addressed with the REO Teams having training sessions from ST Mungo's / Streetlink and are now making referrals to those that are vulnerable and at risk.

The teams have built a great rapport with staff on board and at stations. Pre- Lockdown saw joint working on board with RPI's, Station visits with Vital Intervention Teams and support to Revenue Protection. Current focus is engaging and reassuring passengers on the use of face coverings whilst using the networks. Even more admirable is that during Lockdown the teams have made sure they visited staff at remote stations offering them that reassurance as well as the passengers. We have been working closely with our BTP colleagues in relation to criminal activity on our services and have generated arrests and gathered intelligence. They have also assisted with station checks at remote/unstaffed vulnerable hot spots (Trespass Tasking Team -Locations)

The teams have been constantly adaptable. Adjusting to emergency rosters without qualm and complaint. Their willingness and desire to crack on and deal with things during a pandemic has been outstanding.

To date the teams have generated

27 Arrests

56 Vulnerable people's referrals

15 Suicide Interventions

84 Emergency Services Assists

250 Intelligence reports submitted to BTP

871 ASB Removals at Stations

251 ASB Removals from Services

2129 Station Visits

2066 Train Patrols

An area that also needs some recognition is the way that the team supported our NHS 'Lily's Rainbow ' initiative. Not only did this raise a lot of money for the NHS, it really did focus the team on sharing support to others during a very testing time. It also enabled all our staff to join in and to be part of something.

I am exceptionally proud of the teams work ethic and dedication, and whilst I understand that other roles and grades have been impacted. I feel the REO team deserve some recognition for this.

Adam Dear, Rail Enforcement Manager said:

The REO team for GN/TL are exceptional in all the work they do, No job is too big or small and they keep staff and passengers safe every day. I am so proud of them all. The work they undertake is often challenging and difficult but they do it with pride to make the railway a safer place. "

Scott Milne, Head of On-Board & Rail Enforcement for Thameslink and Great Northern said:

I am incredibly proud of the great work that Kath, James and their teams do every day. They are supportive, not just of each other but also their wider railway family which is reflected in the positive comments and praise that I hear all the time. Customer service is at the heart of the REO offering at Thameslink & Great Northern; whether patrolling, carrying out enforcement action, providing assistance to those less able or working alongside industry partners- the team do it all with unfailing positivity and are a credit to the industry.“