The RailStaff Awards 2020

Nominations for Rail Manager of the Year

Samantha Edser

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“I would like to nominate Wayne Harris for 'Rail Manager of the Year' for his hard work and dedication he has given to the Rail Enforcement Team, our colleagues and our company. As a team we have had a brilliant year, our most successful ever, and it would be fantastic for him to receive an award himself for the work he has done to achieve this with us. 

Most recently the Rail Enforcement Team has won the 'Outstanding Teamwork' award at the National Rail Awards 2019 alongside the most prestigious award under the Railway Safety Accreditation Scheme for 'Company of the Year 2018'. Wayne has personally been highly commended for the outstanding work and brilliant working partnerships he has been instrumental in creating between our department, our company and important stakeholders such as the British Transport Police, local home police forces and Network Rail.

In this past year he has strived to improve our team’s skillset – we have recently been trained on Mental Health First Aid, On Board Security and Accessibility training, Enhanced First Aid as well as Personal Safety and Controlled Intervention training. Wayne was also been instrumental in the introduction of additional equipment such as personal issue body armour following on from staff requests and concerns, as well as a vehicle for our team containing important equipment and tools to assist with disruption, major incidents and emergency first aid.

Wayne also plays a key part across other areas of the business such as leading the Southern’s Personal Security Group , a team who meet regularly to improve staff confidence and reduce the number of staff assaults. He is also one of the managers on the Rail Care Team.

Additionally he has also been involved with a number of challenges the REO leadership team have completed for our nominated charities Embrace and Samaritans such as a sponsored 24 hour cycle ride and the massive 'Three Peaks Challenge' earlier this year. In total the team have raised nearly £4,000!

He is a kind, caring and supporting line manager. Always leading by example and empowering all of us to be the best we can. Wayne encourages our team to bring forward new ideas and will always do his best to support us with whatever information, equipment or resources we will need.“

Jeremy Rogers

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“Wayne has always been a supportive manager and someone who I can rely on when I need support. He is never too busy to offer advice or guidance and is always available to speak to.

He has driven the REO department to new heights this year and the plans in place give us much more scope to assist our colleagues on the front line better but also improve our productivity and results.“

Cindy Knowles

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“I would like to nominate Wayne Harris for 'Rail Manager of the Year'.

Over the past year Wayne has had the department at the forefront of his actions. This month the Rail Enforcement Team picked up the award for 'Outstanding Teamwork' at the National Rail Awards and I don’t think this would have been achievable if we hadn’t had Wayne’s full support. He has encouraged and promoted members in both the Purley and Brighton teams by means of extra training and support with self-development. For myself personally he has encouraged me in the role of Section Coordinator and with regular meetings he has made sure I have had the backing I need to be successful. Wayne visits both teams monthly which gives us time to reflect on the last month and speak openly about any issues we have in an informal way.

Wayne has a lead by example attitude and will put on his REO uniform and step out with us whenever he can which he has done on a number of occasions at Uckfield and Oxted where we have an anti-social problem with youths at the station. At Brighton Pride this year he also worked all weekend in full uniform alongside us.

He recognised the importance of our teams being more flexible with an REO vehicle; this has been very instrumental to our department. We can now cover major incidents and emergencies that we previously couldn’t attend due to travel constraints and line closures. The vehicle is also used for collective working with BTP/ Network Rail/Surrey/Sussex Police for school talks, enforcement and cycle surgeries.

I believe that our department has grown in strength and stature due to his strong leadership and caring nature.“

Roy Norris

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“Wayne Harris has a can do attitude with "let's see how we can fix this" mantra.

He has the ability to talk to staff of all levels.

A great natural leader.“

Jake Wallis

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“I would like to nominate Wayne. I have only been with the company for a year and a half and he has helped me settle in from being self-employed for five years to employed, getting used to all the shifts. He has also been really supportive when my fiancé was pregnant and was struggling and also when I had a car accident. I have never had support like this before in any of my jobs, he is the reason I enjoy my job and make it feel like family not like work“

Alex Powell

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“I’m nominating Wayne as I have recently joined the company, Wayne has made me feel welcomed and valued. From my short time with the company I can see how much Wayne does for the rail enforcement team. His continued support with the team has allowed us all the reach our full ability. Wayne is also very approachable and I know if I needed help with anything he would do his best to help me.“

Dillon Xerxes

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“Since being promoted to REO Team Leader 18 months ago, Wayne has really helped me develop my leadership skills.

He has been very patient and knowledgeable with me and has always helped me when necessary.

As the manager for the REO department, he has the perfect balance of management style to get the best results out of us.“

Charmaine Russell

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“Since joining Southern Rail REO team the tireless efforts of Wayne Harris has invaluable with grounding determination and support Wayne takes time to embrace employees skill set and eases them into the our team dynamic.

New initiatives, revised structured safe systems of work coupled with encouraged engagement with our business partners/ the public; form part of the demographic Wayne has instilled within our department. We have been fortunate to have him as our Manager and overarching support maker. Sending the REO team into the next phase our award winning approach to challenge the problem faced on the Southern Rail network.

Thanks Wayne 🙏🏾“

Paul Bedford

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“I would like to nominate Wayne Harris for Rail manager of the year. I could tell you about how great he is at motivating his team or how much he leads by example, but I am not going to do that. Instead I want to talk about how much he cares for and understands us all.

Over the past few years I have been subjected to some horrendous personal issues which have kept me from work for sometimes months at a time. During these periods Wayne has given me nothing but help and support when needed. Wayne knows when to manage people or when to lend a caring ear, some of the advice Wayne has given me both professionally and personally has helped me progress within the company and move forward with my home life.

I know that at any time I can contact Wayne and he will do all he can to help me. I have never worked under a manager like Wayne, I feel Wayne genuinely cares about his staff as well as the company. If I were ever to become a manager, I would use Wayne as my inspiration. You would be hard pushed to find a better manager within the company than Wayne

I would like to thank Wayne for all the help he has given me over the years, this nomination is to show how much I appreciate and respect him and my way of saying thank you.“

Paul Staiano

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“Wayne can be seen to lead by example and clearly commands the respect of his team and colleagues as evidenced by the cohesion and success of the teams which he leads.

He is always very supportive and has helped me on several occasions, always sharing best practice and looking to improve working practices in new and enterprising ways. He has a positive effect on those around him and his exemplary knowledge on all security issues combined with his natural leadership qualities have a beneficial influence on the wider business.

Wayne is a pleasure to work with and a real asset to Southern“

Tom Harvey

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“Wayne is an exceptional individual to work alongside. His work ethic speaks for itself, and he is an example to all in regards to being a successful manager and leader.

Wayne always finds a way to get projects done – and done well - seeing them through from conception to completion and empowering all of his staff to aid and assist him.

He is also a perfectionist when providing unique perspectives and problem solving ideas, and has implemented a number of key processes to enable our department to combat the pressing issues being experienced on trains and at stations.

The pride that he takes in his work is both encouraging and expiring.

Fantastic work and well deserving of this nomination!“

Sam Lear

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“Having worked with Wayne for 3 years now I am always impressed by his willingness to help, add value to any project and develop his team.

His team’s recent win of the Outstanding Teamwork award at the National Rail Awards shows just how much he puts into managing his team, working with the wider business and conducting himself.

His team is well respected, both within the company and by its outside partners, due in no small part to the professionalism that Wayne has installed in them.

As a Manager he is always pleasant, enthusiastic, supportive and able to see the bigger picture.

I am particularly inspired, being the Environmental Specialist for GTR, but the way Wayne has got behind the area champions role and helped his team to do the same. He gives his time to this despite the fact he has a very demanding role. He often helps with new ideas for improvements and actively looks for ways he can develop. He has taken up opportunities to learn more about the environment, to change his behaviour patterns in positive ways and done a lot of work to bring his team’s environmental performance to a higher standard. For example going almost 100% paperless.

And I don't ever remember seeing Wayne without a smile on his face!“

Avril Sherris

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“Wayne has been our manager for several years has always been kind generous a good listener and has an open door policy likes to be part of his team and will defend us like a lion looking after his pride he is hard working and always looks to help make his team shine he deserves to be recognised for the hard work he has put into the company.“

Michael Daw

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“Wayne is a manager who cares about his staff and the department and has worked tirelessly to achieve the best possible results.“

John Robinson

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“Wayne manages the Rail Enforcement Division at Southern Railway, as well as being actively involved in the GTR Railcare Team, helping staff and passengers in the event of tragic events, such as fatalities.

I have nominated Wayne as someone who is always available for his team, particularly when the team members have suffered significant stress in their work roles. He is also the type of person who will support his team when they are suffering difficulties in their personal lives, making work even tougher.

Wayne understands the values of his company very well and the responsibilities towards passengers at all times and is always consistent in his attitudes towards staff and passenger care.

An excellent candidate for this award, I believe.“

Darren Hamilton

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“For four years Wayne Harris was my manager. He guided me through this time always pushing to fulfil my full potential. Encouraging me to do courses to better myself in self progression. Even since leaving the company he has continued to be a mentor and a friend. To offer guidance when needed. I believe everyone would benefit from such leadership. I'm lucky enough to have moved on to a similar manger. Wayne Harris set the bar though.“

James Smedley

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“I would like to nominate Wayne Harris for this award because since taking over our department Wayne has always pushed himself to his maximum to ensure we are all able to carry out our role to our full potential having been an officer in his previous time with Southern I feel he fully understands what our role entails and what tools and skills will aid us when working and always goes above and beyond to ensure we have this. In addition to this Wayne has helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life on a personal level and has always put my wellbeing first, he has helped wherever he can with whatever issues I might be facing either on a personal level or professional. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him and hope he gets the recognition he truly deserves.“

Tom Stovell

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“I always value people who have worked from the 'roots up' in an industry as I feel they bring an enhanced level of knowledge to a role. Wayne has surpassed this. Wayne's knowledge, next level thinking and determination to keep the department constantly moving forward is second to none. He has a wealth of Railway experience that shows in everything he does but he still remains focused on his team, giving options for development and offering a high level of care. Wayne realises the importance of joined up working which adds to the team experience, making our department one of the most recognised in the railway industry.“

maddy mchale

Said the following about Wayne Harris:

“I would like to nominate Wayne Harris for this award. Since I have started this role as REO he has been an extremely supportive line manager especially with all the personal issues I had when I first started this role. His firm but fair outlook is what I feel makes him the excellent manager he is.“