The RailStaff Awards 2020

Nominations for Train Driver of the Year

Mark Jackson

Said the following about Toby Merenda:

“Toby had the unfortunate event which every train driver must dread and that's a fatality, after the incident the gentleman was rushed to hospital where he was in a critical conditional, Toby although shaken himself tried to find out as much information as possible on the wellbeing of the member of public. Unfortunately 10 days later the gentleman passed away. Toby made sure he stayed in contact with his manager at the time and making sure he attended meetings but my main reason for Toby's nomination is that although he was off for the recommended time as soon as he came back he stepped back into a role he does best which is Instructor Train Driver. Toby could have turned down this Trainee as he was only just back driving himself but with the Trainee waiting patiently for a number of years to get a chance to drive and with the Shoebury depot struggling to fill vacant rosters, Toby stepped up and took on the trainee. I feel after seeing all he went through and then going back and taking on a trainee deserves recognition and this award for Train Driver of the Year.“