The RailStaff Awards 2020

Ross Barton

Gatwick Express/Southern Railway

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Nominations for Graduate or Newcomer Award

David Mitchell

Said the following about Ross Barton:

“Ross has simply been a revelation for Gatwick Express and Southern.

Since starting with us, he has helped transform the way we do certain processes.

First of all Ross created a new way for managers to assess our on-board staff. Using this new process has saved so much time for us managers and it also gives instant feedback to our Onboard staff. This has helped create better engagement opportunities between staff and managers.

Ross is never happy with just settling, so he would also get feedback on what could be better and then change it until it was perfect.

Ross's can do attitude never waivers and he has now created this document which has now been used over 2000 times to log On Board assessments.

As the On Board Staff also get these reports, you can see the assessments are having a positive effect on our staff as they always want a good report, which in turn makes them perform at an exceptional level at all times.

It is no coincidence that since we started doing these assessments we now receive more positive tweets than ever before.

This new assessment process has been so well received by staff and managers that Ross is now developing similar models for the rest of the business.

Ross has also transformed the way we now look at visualisation reports. This has saved the company so much time in manually creating these reports as they are now created automatically.

Ross has a bright future at GTR and I am proud of all he is achieved and I am looking forward to see what he does next.“