The RailStaff Awards 2020

Lauren Clancy

Network Rail High Speed

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Nominations for Graduate or Newcomer Award

Jennifer Becket

Said the following about Lauren Clancy:

“Lauren Clancy started at Network Rail in September 2018 as a general management graduate on the Network Rail High Speed (NRHS) route. Lauren has been an integral part of the team which has developed the business strategy guiding NRHS through the remainder of CP2 and preparing the business to successfully delivery CP3 commitments.

This has been compounded by the challenges facing NRHS as a route and also the unique demands arising from a client facing business. Lauren has taken advantage of every opportunity presented and inspired colleagues along the way.

Lauren has consistently demonstrated exceptional capability and dedication by taking the lead on several large, impactful projects. This has included the strategy underpinning the joint delivery of both the maintenance and renewals planning portfolios, resulting in the business maturing from discipline specific planning to fully integrated planning. This will radically change the business and ensure teams work smarter when delivering both renewals and maintenance. Lauren went above and beyond to drive success showcasing an exemplary understanding of change impacts from both a technical and a cultural perspective.

Alongside this programme, Lauren has helped to recruit and plan for the next set of graduates joining NRHS, ensuring they are each provided with positive opportunities and exceptional support during their time on the scheme.

Lauren represents the next generation of graduate managers and has raised the bar in terms of what is expected and what can be achieved in a short amount of time from someone who is new to the organisation. NRHS cannot imagine a more deserving individual to be awarded the Railstaff Graduate of the Year.“