The RailStaff Awards 2020

Nominations for Depot Staff Award

Stephen Dodd

Said the following about John Deakin:

“John Deakin is the Head of Resource for Merseyrail and is responsible for ensuring that we have the resources to run our trains each and every day to serve the customers within the city region. John manages a team of Resource Controllers based at our three traincrew depots who are responsible for ensuring we have Drivers and Guards ready and available on each train. This has been a really difficult job over the past few years due to a long standing IR dispute which has included action that makes this difficult. John and his team have overcome these challenges and continued to provide a perfect train service each and every day - something that the industry has struggled with.

John has done this by ensuring his team are fully up to speed with what resources are available, collaborating with the Planning and Performance team to change diagrams to make them more efficient and working with the Depot Managers and local union representatives to ensure any changes are implemented smoothly. John has a real knack of approaching challenges creatively and thinking outside of the box to solve issues whilst remaining true to Drivers and Guards terms and conditions. Overall though it is his sheer work ethic and dedication to the business that has driven the success. John literally never switches off and operates like a railway, he gets involved not only during the working week, but at weekends when he is at the match, early Sunday mornings and even when he is halfway around the world on holiday with his wonderful family.

Personally John has been an absolute star for me over the last 12 months despite juggling personal commitments and I feel it is only right that the industry recognises a real key cog in the wheel of the rail industry that often is overlooked.

Well done John and sincerely thank you.“

Helen Husselbury

Said the following about John Deakin:

“John has been a mentor and advisor to me since my first day on the Railway. He is fare, firm and unshakeable in his belief that the correct course of action must be done at all times. I have learned so much from watching him undertake all of his duties with diligence and real commitment and I hope that I am half the employee he is when it comes to how he is respected and trusted by all his colleagues. Most of all when it comes to my relationship with John I am pleased....and proud to call him my friend.“