The RailStaff Awards 2020

Nominations for Rail Manager of the Year

Darren Smith

Said the following about Claire Suzanne Repeti:

“Over the years, the G.E inner and Thameside MOMS have had lots of Managers, none of them stayed or really seemed to care about the teams

Claire has filled a very difficult LOM position, she has been with us for a year, during that time she has worked hard to get 7 locations work as individual office teams, as well as getting us to work as a big team.

She does her best to listen to and help each individual member of the team, she has even gone as far to set up MOM recruitment workshops, for new staff who want to join the team, this allows her to not only set very high standards in recruiting, but she is very concerned about who new people will affect the dynamics of the existing office, as we all only want people who will contribute in a positive way. Claire has managed the high expectations of a TOC with enthusiasm and engagement

Most of all she stands up for the team..“