The RailStaff Awards 2019

Nominations for Graduate of the Year

Shuchi Jain

Said the following about Stefan Fernando:

“It would be a pleasure to nominate Stefan Jude Fernando for Graduate Engineer of the Year due to his exceptional dedication to his role and to his tenacious attitude in developing himself to his current position.

Stefan has a single-minded determination and a resolve which very few people possess. As an example, prior to joining Poise (prev. Powersys UK), Stefan achieved an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the University of East London. He did this whilst working during his time in university to pay for his full tuition and all associated fees

After achieving this, not one to rest on his laurels, whilst applying for graduate positions, Stefan used this time to improve his English communication skills and general engineering knowledge. He then joined the newly created Powersys UK Ltd, and almost immediately became an indispensable member of the engineering team.

Stefan has always demonstrated an unwavering willingness to go beyond his formal role and has used his interests and talents to help develop the business since joining as a graduate. Without formal training, Stefan taught himself IT skills, setting up the business Sharepoint and business Information Storage Facility, which is still in use today. He became responsible for teaching others the use of a design software, Microstation and set the early company standards for the use of the program, again, without any formal courses.

Upon joining, Stefan was part of the team of electrical designers on a project involving the design, build and refurbishment of multiple Network Rail Substations. This role involved skills and experience far beyond Stefan’s knowledge to that point but through sheer determination, and voluntary after-hours work which regularly stretched to double shifts, within a matter of months, he was able to lead sections of the project without supervision and even present his work to senior members of the Network Rail Team.

Following this, after demonstrating his interest and development in the technical aspect of the Rail Design Industry, Stefan was asked to lead numerous engineering design projects, mere months after joining as a graduate. Stefan has led, delivered and presented his work on Location Case Works for Network Rail and Signalling Equipment Room Works and Depot works for London Underground. The latter project involved the creation of a lifting shed Power Design which was accepted by the client without a single comment, and he was commended on the nature of his work by the client.

Inclusive of all this, Stefan is a positive and enthusiastic presence in the office and provides a wonderful example to new graduates coming into the business. He also provides fresh enthusiasm for senior members of staff through his thirst for more knowledge. For these reasons, Stefan would be an ideal candidate for Graduate of the Year.“