The RailStaff Awards 2019

Nominations for Graduate of the Year

Jamie Howells

Said the following about Shruti Shah:

“I would like to nominate Shruti Shah for Graduate Engineer of the Year for her dedication to her work, personal development and her studies throughout her time as a Graduate Electrical Engineer with Poise Group Ltd.

After achieving first class honours in her Bachelors Engineering Degree, Shruti joined Poise Group (previously Powersys UK) as one of the first graduates into a fledgling business. Shruti was tasked with not only developing her own skills as an electrical design engineer, but also with helping develop the business to higher levels. To do this, Shruti was assigned the difficult task of providing technical support to a range of engineering projects very early in her career. For this, she proactively undertook a lot of research on the engineering elements to ensure she was fully prepared for her meetings with the clients.

From the outset, Shruti demonstrated a confidence and technical ability which belied her experience when she joined as a graduate. Due to the volume of work and tight deadlines, Shruti was identified as the ideal candidate to lead the design for two sites for Network Rail for the Sussex ETE Enhancement. This was a challenging role involving the identification of different engineering disciplines and key stakeholders, co-ordination with each party, achieving delivery against challenging deadlines and presentation of work to senior Network Rail staff. Shruti took to this role with aplomb and, using her superior and confident communications skills, achieved all targets set and was commended for her work.

Shruti used this experience to put herself forward for a lead position on a workstream for a Detailed Depot Design for London Underground. This design involved the use of products and equipment which LU had not used before and assuring London Underground that it was the most suitable product for the task. To achieve this, Shruti constantly engaged various manufacturers and challenged each to demonstrate that their product could be used in every scenario. Shruti then chose the most suitable product, included it in the design and presented to London underground, obtaining unanimous agreement on the suitability of the design.

Throughout this time, Shruti also studied for and successfully achieved a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Greenwich, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to personal development and further learning.

Shruti also actively promotes women in engineering and was recently invited by a local school in North London to do a talk on role of women in engineering today.

Shruti has earmarked herself as a stand-out member of the Poise Group Team in her short time here and is a first-choice candidate for difficult projects which arise. For this reason, I believe Shruti would be an ideal candidate for Graduate Rail Engineer of the Year.“